Getting Started – how to learn chinese language easily

Currently we are providing basic info pack for people who has zero or very less knowledge in Chinese language.

This platform is suitable for people who are Getting Started to learning Chinese language/Mandarin and HSK certifications.

Our main target in is to help you to pick up interactive skill in Chinese(Mandarin speaking).
We are constantly looking into news ways to improve our services and to help you better learn and pick up Chinese Language(Mandarin). We would like to also hear from you if you can help us to improve to serve you better.

You can give feedback and suggestions to us at our Facebook to let us know how we can improve to serve you better.
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The world has moved into Globalization and often people shift from one region to another to seek for a change or improvement in their life. We are living in a environment that we need to interact with people with different race and ethic groups. It certainly helps to know more than one language. Be it you are travelling on a vacation or working in a foreign country.

We have temporary stop our subscription programs due to time constrain. We will sill continue to run the free learning program. We sustain our website by running banner adverts for a revenue. Please help us to share our website to your friends so that we can continue to grow this website.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before you start please watch my video on how to read Chinese character using HANYU PINYING -> Click Here to watch!


Researcher giving a lecture to the students how to learn chinese language easily - International business mandarin course students doing presentations in Mandarin - Getting Started – how to learn chinese language easily
Young researcher giving a lecture to a group of university students, he is writing on a whiteboard and talking

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