Brief intro to learning Chinese Language

Introduction To Mandarin

Chinese language is actually call Mandarin. Many people are more familiar with the phrase “Chinese Language”. And many people seldom use the word Mandarin for naming the language.

Chinese Language is also know as Mandarin. Unlike English, Chinese characters are made up of different strokes combine together to form one word or one portion of a word. the different portions can also combine with any other portion to form another word .

For example we use 2 small stroke on the left like this word “冰”. The 2 small stroke is a resemblance for water. this word “冰” means ice. Ice is made up of water therefore there is 2 small stroke which resemblance water on the left.

One of the thing that is in common with English language when comes to learning is we start by learning individual words and then progress on to learn how to form a sentence with the words.

In the modern world now, the most widely used Mandarin are categorized into 2 part, the complex Mandarin and the simplified Mandarin.

For example the word Dragon in the form of complex Mandarin will look like this “龍” while for simplified Mandarin it looks like this “龙”.

For our training info pack we will focus mainly on simplified chinese because it is the most commonly used chinese language now and it is easier to use.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before you start please watch my video on how to read chinese character using HANYU PINYING -> Click Here to watch!


Our learning flow pattern will be as show

-> 1. Learning how to read individual words
->  2. Learn how to form a complete sentence using the words you learn


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